How Automatic Gates Help The Cattle Farming Industry


Cattle farming in the USA is big business. But it is also a pretty competitive environment to do well in, even with the help of state and federal subsidies. Not only are commercial farmers competing alongside one another, sometimes even as next door neighbors, they also have to put their prime beef up for sale in countries such as Argentina long famous for producing the best beef in the world. What also helps, and perhaps this is where many American farmers are gaining in advantage, their European counterparts will not be too far behind in some cases, is the keen embracement of modern technologies.

The days of ranging on horseback are fast disappearing. Today, robust trucks with the ability to negotiate uneven terrains over long distances are making mince meat of the cattle ranging business. Herding cattle inwards in preparation for towing to the slaughterhouses, still takes some doing, but this work has become more streamlined and is efficiently handled with the use of automatic cattle gates. Through this medium, the costs of unnecessary labor have been cut by more than half.

automatic cattle gates

The cattle driver is able to power the automatic gates directly from the driving seat of his truck. Yes, in certain instances, direct monitoring will still be required, but the work has been sliced in half. Headcounts are accounted for and cattle are herded in a lot quicker. This is important, given the competitive environment mentioned earlier. Cattle farming is still a seasonal business to all intents and purposes but in order to be able to meet a global demand for beef, the US farmers have to be on their heels to cater for this demand all year round.

Unless, of course, they choose to be left behind.

How Do You Find the Right Vet for Your Pet?

Taking care of your furry friends is a big priority, and it takes time to really figure out what is going on and if it could be helpful for you in the long run. How do you know that you’re getting the best care for your pet? Can you find a South St Paul animal hospital that is going to be able to meet your needs and take care of whatever may come up when you start to take care of your pet?

South St Paul animal hospital

When you start to look around at what is out there and how much it matters to your pet, you want to make sure that you find someone that specializes in pretty much anything and everything that may come along in the meantime. If you have an exotic pet of any sort, you want to make sure that you get a professional that knows how to deal with their needs – not all vets are able to or may not be able to do it to the fullest ability that you may need them to. Not only that, but you also want to find a vet that is nearby so that you don’t have to travel far.

Take a look around and see what is going on with the vets in your area. Talk to friends who have pets and see what they have to say about it as well. Many times, they are going to be a great resource and can help you to figure out who you may want to go to for a certain pet or the needs that they have in the long run. It can be very beneficial and your furry friend will live a long, healthy life with a good vet’s help.

Why Plastic Jump Cups Are Going Out Of Fashion And Being Replaced By Wood Alternatives


Across the board, plastic has been in wide use for decades already. Today, the realization is that the extensive use of plastic is, quite literally, all going to waste and causing a lot of damage and harm. It does not matter where you are or who you are, everyone is slowly but surely feeling the counter effects of plastic use’s originally intended convenience. The show jumping world has not been immune to this either.

Slowly but surely, horse trainers are replacing the training jump cups with the better preferred wooden horse jump cups for a few good reasons. This note only looks at two crucial reasons affecting the sport, its trainers, the riders and especially the horses. Oh, and do include the audiences too, because this is what the horses and riders live for. To give the show of their lives and receive the much desired accolades.

The use of wood is making a welcome comeback to show jumping events across the country, and across the world. The audiences are enthralled at the decorative effects that wood makes alongside the inclusion of green (horticultural) features. These natural effects also have an effect on the judges as they notice how well the horses and their riders negotiate the show jumping obstacles. They would tear their hair out at the plastic jumps and cups.

horse jump cups

Later it was found that horses fear the plastic. If their ankles clipped a plastic obstacle, the chances of a severe injury were pretty regular. But not so with wood, it was found. So, the horses have a little more confidence when approaching wood because they already sense that this is an obstacle that is not going to hurt them.

It Takes A Special Kind Of Breed To Groom A Dog Properly

Yes it does, oh yes it does. Just ask any dog lover about this. Or perhaps you are one yourself? You love your dog so much that you are always prepared to give your best friend the best TLC you can muster. You are quite careful with the old boy’s regular meals. And speaking of regular, you are pretty regular with his walks too, tired as you are after work some days. Speaking of being tired to the dog’s bone, grooming is quite another thing.

You’ve read that it’s a great way to bond with an animal. You might love the affection but animals love it even more. And with those puppy dog eyes, how are you to say no. But it’s hard. You just sigh. You take just one look at the dog’s shaggy coat and all you can do is say; oh dear. You just don’t have the heart for it right now. Bathing the dog in your own tub is hard enough, thank you very much. No need to worry any further.

dog grooming Palm Harbor FL

No need for guilt trips because now you can treat your dog. You’ll either be dropping him off yourself or the guys at the dog grooming Palm Harbor FL center will come and pick him up themselves. That way you can get your rest while your pal gets the treat of a lifetime. You can even let them bath the dog if you want. And while you’re about it, you can even arrange for an annual checkup with the vet. They all love to take care of your old dog any which way.

You’re just tired right now, so don’t worry, but it really does take a special breed to groom and pamper a dog good and proper.