Helping a Child Grieve Over a Lost Pet

Pets are truly a part of the family. When they pass, it is hard for everyone, especially children. If you have a terminally ill pet Easton md, it is important to talk to the kids about pet death sooner rather than later. This special conversation may not be the easiest, but it can help your child better understand the situation and how to cope. Some of the best ways to help your child are listed below.

Age-Appropriate Grief

The age of the child better determines how you will help them deal with the loss of the pet. A two year old cannot handle the same coping methods as a 6 or 12 year old. Always use age-appropriate techniques to help your child better deal with the loss.

Talk About the Death

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Let your child know that it is okay to be upset over the loss of the pet. It is a normal emotion for them to express, and as such, it is normal to hurt over the death. Your child should have time to grieve over their pet. You might want to discuss the matter with their teacher at school.

Greif Material

Many websites offer an abundance of materials that make it easy to help kids deal with the loss. Find these websites with a quick search of the web. Help your child navigate through these sites and complete the various activities they offer.

Create a Memorial

Creating a memorial is free and easy and is extremely beneficial for kids of all ages. It gives them the opportunity to express their feelings and their love for their pet in an enlightening, meaningful way. Ask your child if they’d enjoy creating a memorial. There is a good chance they’ll find this therapeutic and extremely beneficial.